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When Are Morcellators Necessary?

Posted By on Aug 12, 2015

When are morcellators necessary, you may be asking? First, you have to understand what morcellators are. These are devices made with the intention of performing laparoscopic surgical procedures. Whenever surgery comes to mind, you might be thinking of large open wounds and surgeons digging into unconscious but still very much alive bodies in order to take something dangerous out.

This is a fair picture to have but laparoscopic surgeries are ones that require minimum incisions and intrusions. A morcellator, for one, is but a simple spherical tube with a sharp, claw-like end that then morcellates the noncancerous growth within the body, attaches the claw-like extension onto it, and then suctions it out, piece by piece, until the growth is no longer within the body. This is primarily used for hysterectomy procedures, otherwise known as the removal of a woman’s uterus due to abnormal or painful growths within the body.

Now, the question of when morcellators are necessary can be synonymous, sometimes, with the question of when are hysterectomies necessary.

That can be a bit of a tricky question as several sources will go on to state that, majority of the time, hysterectomies are not actually vital surgeries that need to be performed and that less than 2% of surgeries of this nature are to remove a nuisance that do not need to be removed for a life-or-death type of situation. However, many women might still choose to have a hysterectomy procedure with a morcellator as laparoscopic surgeries are known for not requiring a lot of recovery time. In fact, the patient could be cleared as early as a few hours after the procedure, if all is well.

Unfortunately, as stated in the website of Williams Kherkher Law, there has been recent evidence that has come to light regarding cases of women who have had hysterectomies through a morcellator by Johnson and Johnson, and have since then acquired endometrial cancer. This illness is no laughing matter and could cause more pain than strictly necessary.

Take caution when considering a hysterectomy and do sufficient research in order to know if this step is the one you should be taking.

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