Fusion cuisine is the combination of elements from diverse culinary traditions. This innovation in the food industry in the US gained recognition beginning in 1970, due to the increase in the mixture of cultures in the land.

Some the most famous restaurants catering to this type of cuisine are Asian and Mexican fusion restaurants. In Houston, along Upper Kirby specifically, a new Mexican fusion restaurant is scheduled to start operations on the first week of November 2013 – Trenza, which is owned by celebrity Chef Susie Jimenez.

Besides the great tasting Mexican dishes, such as burgers, steaks, barbecues, the chili con carne and Tex-Mex (or Southern US dishes prepared using elements from Mexican culture), Houston also boasts of some of the best Indian and Vietnamese cuisines. In fact, many restaurants in this large city now serve dishes that are staple in the two, and other, Asian countries; many Houstonian dishes have also been created using ingredients from these two countries.

Some of the most famous fusion dishes now well loved by Houstonians include the Vietnamese Coffee Tart (a delicious coffee and chocolate custard dessert), the caramelized fish sauce wings (crispy chicken wings which is both sweet and salty in taste – a perfect match for beer), the Shrimp and Grits (combination of tender Anson Mills grits, bacon bits, shrimp and poached egg on a light herbal pho broth), and the Matzah Ball Pho (a combination of rice noodles, hand-rolled matzoh balls and shredded chicken in a flavorful chicken stock), a soup that will best many other.

Other great-tasting dishes that Houstonians are crazy about are Breakfast Tacos (chorizo, egg and cheese) or Kolaches (sausage and cheese kolache), Wings and Waffles (fluffy Belgian waffle surrounded by six pieces of delicious chicken wings) and Campechana Extra, which is Cajun riff on ceviche mixed with avocado, crab, shrimp, jalapeños and salsa, and paired with freshly prepared tortilla chips (Ceviche is a popular Latin/South American cuisine made from raw fish/seafood and marinated in citrus juice, chile, onions and tomatoes. Fishermen agree that ceviche is the best way to prepare fresh fish).

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