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When Are Morcellators Necessary?

Posted By on Aug 12, 2015

When are morcellators necessary, you may be asking? First, you have to understand what morcellators are. These are devices made with the intention of performing laparoscopic surgical procedures. Whenever surgery comes to mind, you might be thinking of large open wounds and surgeons digging into unconscious but still very much alive bodies in order to take something dangerous out.

This is a fair picture to have but laparoscopic surgeries are ones that require minimum incisions and intrusions. A morcellator, for one, is but a simple spherical tube with a sharp, claw-like end that then morcellates the noncancerous growth within the body, attaches the claw-like extension onto it, and then suctions it out, piece by piece, until the growth is no longer within the body. This is primarily used for hysterectomy procedures, otherwise known as the removal of a woman’s uterus due to abnormal or painful growths within the body.

Now, the question of when morcellators are necessary can be synonymous, sometimes, with the question of when are hysterectomies necessary.

That can be a bit of a tricky question as several sources will go on to state that, majority of the time, hysterectomies are not actually vital surgeries that need to be performed and that less than 2% of surgeries of this nature are to remove a nuisance that do not need to be removed for a life-or-death type of situation. However, many women might still choose to have a hysterectomy procedure with a morcellator as laparoscopic surgeries are known for not requiring a lot of recovery time. In fact, the patient could be cleared as early as a few hours after the procedure, if all is well.

Unfortunately, as stated in the website of Williams Kherkher Law, there has been recent evidence that has come to light regarding cases of women who have had hysterectomies through a morcellator by Johnson and Johnson, and have since then acquired endometrial cancer. This illness is no laughing matter and could cause more pain than strictly necessary.

Take caution when considering a hysterectomy and do sufficient research in order to know if this step is the one you should be taking.

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A bomb explosion and the threat of a second bomb at the Spanish Gran Canaria airport on March 27, 1977, resulted in the temporary diversion of many aircraft to the Los Rodeos Airport (now called Tenerife North Airport). The crowding of planes in Los Rodeos forced its air traffic controllers (ATC) to direct some of the planes’ pilots to park their aircraft on two taxiways, congesting these eventually.

As the Gran Canaria reopened that same day, planes actually en route to it prepared to proceed there. Two among these planes were 747s: the KLM Flight 4805, with 234 passengers and 14 crew members, and the Pan Am Flight 1736, with 380 passengers.

Communications began between these two 747s and the ATC for takeoff instructions. With two taxiways clogged with parked planes, the ATC assigned Runway 12/30, which is normally used for takeoffs only, as both taxiway and runway. Due to the fog that blanketed the airport and with no ground radar, ATC knew only of the planes’ activities and locations through each pilot’s inputs. About eight minutes after communications began between the planes and the ATC, the two planes collided, killing 583 people (crew members and passengers) in what is now considered as the deadliest accident in aviation history.

Parts of the recorded exchanges revealed two things: the obvious miscommunication between the ATC and the two flight crews and the absence of standardized English phrases that will allow flight crews and ATCs to clearly understand each other. And while many aviation accidents in the past have been blamed on pilots, the blame to this particular aviation tragedy rested on the ATC.

In 2012, from the 132 million flights handled by US ATCs, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) was able to discover 4,394 errors; 41 of these were high risk mistakes, which could have ended catastrophically.

Critics say that the yearly number of ATC mistakes reported to the FAA is far below what is real. ATCs have the primary duty of ensuring safety in aviation activities by keeping planes at a safe distance from each other.

One probable cause of ATC slipups is the “rattlers” working schedule which only allow these controllers little sleep (or totally deny them any sleep at all) before overnight shifts; a situation that has resulted to some controllers sleeping on the job.

The FAA has a program aimed at preventing its 15,000 controllers to experience fatigue while on the job; however, this program has been subjected to budget cuts and studies about this is being prevented by FAA officials from being reviewed.

Despite the increase of ATC errors in 2013, which saw about 6,700 situations wherein planes flew closer to each other than allowed in US airspace, it remains a fact that air travel remains to be the safest and fastest means of long distance transportation. Obviously, the most disastrous plane accidents have also been the bases of changes and improvements in the aviation industry.

But while all studies may point to experts’ concurrence about the safety of air travel, when an accident occurs, the fact that victims and/or their families may be entitled to compensation due to damages resulting from the accident cannot be denied.

Though there is a federal law that prohibits law firms from contacting victims within 45 days after a plane accident, no law prohibits victims from contacting a lawyer to inquire about his or her rights, especially with regard to the maximum amount of compensation that he or she is legally allowed to receive. Getting in touch with a lawyer is very important during this 45-day inclusive period as the airline company is very likely to make a move to settle with the victims.

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Pregnant women are often cautioned against ingesting many things that they normally take with impunity. Some of the more common ones are coffee, hotdogs, raw sprouts, and papaya because they have a small risk of harming the fetus. They will not definitely cause harm, but it is better to be safe than sorry. After all, a pregnant woman can eat other things safely.

That is sort of the situation with Zofran, the popular and powerful anti-emetic drug from GlaxoSmithKline. Zofran is ondansetron, and it is a 5-HT3 receptor antagonist (blocker) that was approved to prevent nausea and vomiting associated with chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and post surgery. It is also commonly prescribed “off-label” for women who are experiencing severe morning sickness (nausea and vomiting of pregnancy or NVP).

A December 2014 review of a 2013 Danish study was published in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology. The original study was on the effects of ondansetron on fetal development when administered in the first trimester of pregnancy (which is when NVP is usually at its worst). The review used the same data set of women but followed up on the women for an extended period. The review concluded that ondansetron significantly increased the risk of developing congenital problems such as cardiac malformations in the fetus, exactly the opposite of the conclusion by the original study. The conflicting results definitely did not rule out the possibility of developmental problems for the fetus.

All this is very confusing for women suffering from extreme NVP, also called hyperemesis gravidarum, that urgently need treatment. Fortunately, there are alternatives to ondansetron such as pyridoxine and doxylamine that will alleviate the worst of the symptoms. They are approved for used with pregnant women by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These alternatives may not be as effective, but they are infinitely safer for both the mother and developing child.

According to the website of Williams Kherkher, if you were prescribed with Zofran for NVP and your child was born with birth defects, you could be eligible for compensation. Find out more from an experienced Zofran lawyer in your area.

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Bankruptcy has received quite a negative reputation in recent years. Anyone who might hear it happening to someone might come to think that someone has failed or is going into absolute poverty. Financial troubles are hard to deal with and are often extremely stressful for everyone involved. Some are more financially troubled than others and in some cases –it is filing for bankruptcy that can save the day.

A person filing for bankruptcy is given certain rights in order to be given the chance to get their finances in order or, in some cases, be given the opportunity to have a fresh start financially. It is a long, complicated process and the right kind of case differs with every situation. It is then important that you get a bankruptcy lawyer that knows what he or she is doing in this rather taxing field, if you are looking into filing for bankruptcy as a means to properly handle your financial difficulties.

It is not a choice to be taken lightly. According to the website of Erin B. Shank P.C., it requires for long, complicated papers to be signed correctly under the penalty of perjury. Contracts and legal matters such as this need proper advice due to the commitment and possible implications within the fine print of which you might not know you’re signing for. This constitutes the need for a legal team that knows what it is doing, has experience in the field, and is dedicated to serving and properly representing you – giving you the best possible chance of stabilizing your financial state.

It can be a difficult choice to file for bankruptcy because of all the negative connotations that surrounds the word. It takes an expert of the industry in order to explain the benefits and procedures that filing for a bankruptcy could entail. You never know – filing for bankruptcy could soften the blow and even lessen the heart ache that only money troubles can bring.

If you or your loved one is looking into filing for bankruptcy, it is advisable that you contact appropriate legal assistance immediately!

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Choosing a Freight Factoring Company

Posted By on Sep 24, 2014

A freight factoring company is just like any service provider; you check them out to see which ones can give you what you need for the best possible deal. And just like with any service provider, they are not all created equal. There are some things that you need to consider so that you will get the greatest possible benefit from a service that will potentially keep you out of the doghouse. Below are the 4 that you really should look into.


Some factoring companies require a minimum volume per month i.e. X number of invoices or require that they factor all invoices for a particular client in the future. Some such as TBS Factoring have no volume or long-term commitment requirement, so you can pick and choose the invoices you want to factor and when. In most cases, it pays to work with a freight factoring company that lets you run your business the way you want.

Industry Savvy

There are freight factoring companies that know everything about money but understand little about the trucking business, and that can be a problem because they don’t know the peculiarities of industry demands. This can affect how their programs are designed and may not offer the best solutions for truckers. Find a company that is endorsed by the local trucking association because in all probability they know the industry.

Fuel Cards

Your freight factoring company should offer free fuel cards. This can translate to considerable savings in the form of rebates and discounts when used in accredited establishments that cater to the trucking industry, including gas stations.

Non-Recourse Factoring

Your factoring company should offer you the option of non-recourse factoring programs. This means that the factoring company takes on all the risks of payment collection. You pay higher fees but you can set and forget. The alternative is recourse factoring, where the factoring company can demand that you make good on an invoice that they could not collect payment for.

It is important to remember that a factoring company makes money from you, so you don’t owe them any gratitude for bailing you out of trouble. Choose well and carefully so that you get the most out of freight factoring.

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Iowa Motorcycle Laws

Posted By on Aug 11, 2014

Iowa motorcycle laws, just as with all laws in the US, are aimed to protect the motorcycle riders, other motorist, and pedestrians. For residents of Iowa, getting a motorcycle license (also called a Class M license) would require them to pass the motorcycle knowledge test, along with the on-cycle evaluation. The Class M license can be added to their driver’s license with a charge of $2 every year to their existing Iowa driver’s license. For those who doesn’t have any type of driver’s license and wishes to have a motorcycle license, it is important to complete the written exam needed for the Class C non-commercial driver’s license, aside from the basic tests that would prove your knowledge of the Iowa Driver’s Manual. The cost for a motorcycle-only driver’s license is $6 per year.

The state of Iowa is among the three states in America (with Illinois and New Hampshire) that doesn’t have any motorcycle helmet laws. This means that Iowa has very lax motorcycle safety regulations – no helmets and even eye protection requirements necessary. This can lead to serious injuries when a motorcycle accident occurs. Because of this lack of safety laws, it can be difficult to win a personal injury claim when a motorcycle accident occurs. According to Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ®, the main problem in winning an injury or insurance claim is the establishing of fault of the other party. There can be some level of fault in the motorcycle driver than can affect the case, and Iowa being under the “comparative negligence” rule, having some fault in the accident can significantly reduce the amount of compensation that will be granted after a motorcycle accident.

Because personal injury claims and compensation can depend on the laws that the state has, pursuing a claim in Iowa can be difficult. It is essential that a victim should have an Iowa motorcycle accident lawyer because there are various factors to consider in order to have a successful personal injury claim, and because laws can change and certain exceptions and definitions can influence the case. Having someone who knows the laws and understands how to represent the case in court can make or break a personal injury claim.

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Car Technology: The Latest Advances

Posted By on Apr 3, 2014

Federal and state laws and the combined efforts of the government and the private sector in searching for ways to increase safety on the road are finally bearing good results, as these have made motor vehicle manufacturers more resolute in researching for technologies that will make driving a much safer experience for all drivers.

The year 2013 already saw the introduction of a number of innovative features, such as the:

  • V2I – designed to enable cars to capture information from road signs and traffic signals
  • V2V – a technological device that will allow wireless communication between cars. By sharing information, like direction, location and speed, drivers will be able to keep a safe distance from approaching and nearby vehicles, thus ensuring avoidance of collision
  • Electronic Stability Control (ESC) – a device that will give drivers greater vehicle control to avoid rollover accidents
  • Forward Collision Warning System and Automatic Braking – this device is specifically designed to help drivers avoid head-on collisions and front crashes
  • Booster Seat – which will ensure safety belts are effective, especially for children

More than half a dozen new devices are expected to become built-in features of certain upcoming cars; features that are expected to help reduce road crashes by up to 80%. Here are three of these innovative devices:

  • Rear-Mounted Radar – Besides alerting the driver of unseen objects, like a wall or a fence while backing up, this new feature will also sound an alarm if there is traffic approaching
  • Night Vision with Pedestrian Detection – Its major difference from the similar device that Cadillac offered in 2000 is its ability to pinpoint pedestrians and highlight the direction of their movement on a dashboard display. This improved version will first be incorporated in Mercedes-Benz vehicles
  • Parental control – This is the MyKey system of Ford which is capable of setting a limit to the vehicle’s speed and the volume of its audio system. MyKey can be programmed to make it limit the vehicle’s speed to 80 mph, as well as the audio’s maximum volume; it can also be made to sound incessant alarms if the seat belt is not fastened.

The latest innovations are usually introduced in luxury cars first, but these will definitely be incorporated in other vehicles immediately since the demands for these are expected to pour in. The greater concern is for these devices to function the way these were designed to, to make driving safer and US roads, as accident-free as possible.

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Fusion cuisine is the combination of elements from diverse culinary traditions. This innovation in the food industry in the US gained recognition beginning in 1970, due to the increase in the mixture of cultures in the land.

Some the most famous restaurants catering to this type of cuisine are Asian and Mexican fusion restaurants. In Houston, along Upper Kirby specifically, a new Mexican fusion restaurant is scheduled to start operations on the first week of November 2013 – Trenza, which is owned by celebrity Chef Susie Jimenez.

Besides the great tasting Mexican dishes, such as burgers, steaks, barbecues, the chili con carne and Tex-Mex (or Southern US dishes prepared using elements from Mexican culture), Houston also boasts of some of the best Indian and Vietnamese cuisines. In fact, many restaurants in this large city now serve dishes that are staple in the two, and other, Asian countries; many Houstonian dishes have also been created using ingredients from these two countries.

Some of the most famous fusion dishes now well loved by Houstonians include the Vietnamese Coffee Tart (a delicious coffee and chocolate custard dessert), the caramelized fish sauce wings (crispy chicken wings which is both sweet and salty in taste – a perfect match for beer), the Shrimp and Grits (combination of tender Anson Mills grits, bacon bits, shrimp and poached egg on a light herbal pho broth), and the Matzah Ball Pho (a combination of rice noodles, hand-rolled matzoh balls and shredded chicken in a flavorful chicken stock), a soup that will best many other.

Other great-tasting dishes that Houstonians are crazy about are Breakfast Tacos (chorizo, egg and cheese) or Kolaches (sausage and cheese kolache), Wings and Waffles (fluffy Belgian waffle surrounded by six pieces of delicious chicken wings) and Campechana Extra, which is Cajun riff on ceviche mixed with avocado, crab, shrimp, jalapeños and salsa, and paired with freshly prepared tortilla chips (Ceviche is a popular Latin/South American cuisine made from raw fish/seafood and marinated in citrus juice, chile, onions and tomatoes. Fishermen agree that ceviche is the best way to prepare fresh fish).

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The need to arrange for expert help in doing the bridal hair and makeup cannot be overly-emphasized.  It is desirable to stand out as the bride, but in a good way. Back in the day, the white dress was enough to do that, but not any longer. The hair and makeup, though, continue to be used to highlight the bride so they need to be just perfect.

It is incredible what a difference hair and makeup can do to change a person’s appearance. It would not be an exaggeration to say that one would hardly recognize the person underneath all the products and manipulations.  This can be a good thing if the deed is done right.

Under ordinary circumstances, hair and makeup are used merely to enhance one’s assets and downplay the defects in the most natural way possible, so there’s no real need for expert attention. The purpose is to attract and not to astonish, so overly dramatic makeup and outrageous hair may do very well for celebrities, but it is guaranteed to garner something other than admiring glances.  But when it comes to a wedding, one needs an expert to ensure that the hair and make out comes out just right.

This is true for all brides but especially for those who may be plain or sad-looking, or with impossibly lanky or frizzy hair.  A bit of shadow here and a tweak there may be all that is needed under expert fingers to bring out the best in the blushing bride, but in most cases it is a major undertaking, so schedule an appointment well in advance of the event.

When talking of bridal hair and makeup, one would do well to engage the services of an expert. A wedding is something that one would like to remember with fondness and looking one’s best is one way to guarantee that.

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Real estate prices have started to rise as the U.S. slowly gets back on the economic track. This is good news for homeowners who own their property outright, or who are updated in their mortgage payments, as this increases the value of their holdings. It is not such good news for homeowners who are seriously behind in their payments or who have already been served with foreclosure papers.

Banks and lenders are more willing to bring foreclosure to the final stages because they anticipate more demand for housing in the near future. If negotiating for a better rate and waiver of late charges have been relatively easy in the past, it was because lenders and banks are not in the business of owning property, but in making money from loans. Currently, however, it would be more profitable for lenders and bankers to foreclose on homeowners in default and sell the property themselves.

A lot of homeowners have long ago cut their losses and abandoned their property as the real estate market plunge stripped whatever equity the property had before. Many homeowners owed the lenders more than the market value of the house even after years of paying their mortgages. But there is more to a house than its market value for some folks, who will try anything to hold on to their homes. One of the options that these homeowners may consider is filing for bankruptcy.

Depending on the extent of the debt, a distressed homeowner may file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Under the Chapter 13 restructuring scheme the homeowner will gain some time and leverage with the lender to negotiate for a repayment of the outstanding debt on the home. Filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Iowa restricts a lender from going through with foreclosure unless the homeowner fails to comply with the approved repayment program.

However, filing for Chapter 13 is more complex than it sounds. To ensure that the homeowner’s rights are protected and available options exhausted, it is advisable to get the assistance of a reputable foreclosure defense lawyer in the area.

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